रविवार, 31 अक्तूबर 2010

Sanity sucks. Thank you very much.

"Hey girl, whassup on a Sunday?" That's my super sexy, super hot Gucci wearing globetrotter 'friend' calling.

"Hmmm... Well, multitasking. Cutting tori, looking for the spatula that Adit has pushed under the sofa, wiping Adya's bum, and thinking of when to have that much-needed haircut."

"Wow, multitasking indeed." Do I hear sarcasm?

I can almost imagine her walk into 1149. I can imagine her cringe while sitting on that milk-stained sofa. How is she to manoeuver her way to the loo with all these blocks, clothes, dupatta, picture books, crayons, bags, water bottles, toys spread all over the floor?

"How do you keep yourself sane Anu?"

Here comes the most dreaded question.

"I am in good company," I say. "Darn good company."

"For instance?"

"It was Coke Studio yesterday. Today is a date with AR Rehman. Sometimes it is Gulzar-RD together, otherwise Raahat, Abida, Kishore, they all come over. I have Kaifi's poetry that puts me to sleep, and then Prasoon Joshi writes just what I want to listen to. And then I have friends like you who help me discover that sense of humour I never had!"

Having said that, who wants to remain sane anyway. (And I type this at the cost of tori ki sabzi that burns on the stove...

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Manoj K ने कहा…

multitasking, of course..

u are a daring mother, i must say. all the very best. :)