बुधवार, 6 अक्तूबर 2010

Angrezi meri bhaasha nahi!

My computer is not working today, and thus I am on Patidev's laptop trying to figure out if I can type in Hindi. Since I haven't received any success and would rather not waste time at this unearthly hour (5:30 AM!), I continue to type this post in English, which has never been my first language. Anyway, read on if you please...

S Uncle works with a leading publishing house and travels to these super busy places across the world primarily to collect absolutely amazing picture books for his kid. When he is not collecting books, he is commissioning them to young and talented (and adult) writers, by the way.

Adya and Adit also got a couple of copies from that wonderful collection. So, they insist on listening to the story of Dinosaurs, which S Uncle has got for them. The book is called "How do Dinosaurs eat their food?" Before you start wondering what the book is all about, let me dispel all the mystery surrounding the names of the characters I can't even pronounce! (Quet-zal-coat-lus, Super-sau-rus, Cryo-lo-pho-sau-rus, if you really want to know).

However, the book teaches the kids to be good on the dining table. Or at least, encourages them to eat well, if not much. So here I am, reading out aloud from this fancy book.

"How does a dinosaur eat all his food?" I try to sound as dramatic as I can get.

"Does he burp, does he belch, or make noises quite rude?" I wait to see their reaction. By now, they look engrossed.

"Does he pick at his cereal, throw down his cup hoping to make someone else pick it up?" They look on. Wow! Ain't I good at storytelling? I now try to sound like my favourite News Anchor on TV.

"Does he fuss, does he fidget, or squirm in his chair?" More drama in my voice, some more modulation. But Adit has started to fidget in his chair.

"Does he flip his spaghetti high into the air?" He can't take any more of my drama, and the scorn with which I describe the food-throwing dinosaur. So, he decides to walk out. But I have my daughter who looks interested. So let him be. I continue to read.

"No... He says 'please and thank you'. He sits very still. He eats all before him with smiles and goodwill." I am now being emphatic about the rhyming words. I want her to be a poet, you see.

"Eat up. Eat up, little dinosaur." I look at her who smiles back. She knows what makes Mamma happy.

"So? How was the story Adya?"

"Nice story. But can you say that all in Hindi please?"

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Ayeshah Seema ने कहा…

That was such a good start for a busy lovely morning....I am half an hour late to work but when I drop Amber and Alisha at their nursery/ school and kiss them bye ...i feel a strange sense of accomplishment( probably moms will understand that) ...But the fact remains I have woken up at 5.30 am and I am still late to work :-( Your little story put a wide smile on my face and once again reminded me how talented you are.

बेनामी ने कहा…

Kitni mast kahaani hai yeh....!! Aur tum angrezi bhi utna hi achcha likhti ho!

Uma Anandane ने कहा…

very nice..liked it ,well written :)

Ur Life depends upon the choice u make..read and vote to support

बेनामी ने कहा…

Finally got a chance to read this...and l o v e d it! =) One, it made me see Adya and Adit and you so clearly, and two, that makes me think of how well you write. =) Am SO proud of you.