Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Excuse me, please!

He is not someone who is very fond of milk, unlike his twin sister. So, every morning is a tough morning for me, trying to make him gulp down that extra dose of calcium. But the lactophobic that he is, Adit will come up with one new excuse everyday.

As always, we are after him with that one glass of milk. Adit will start with his readymade excuses, which don't work anymore. "Only Mamma will hold the glass", "Too sweet", "Too hot", "Too cold", "Too much cream over it", "I can see a fly in my milk"... He has tried it all, albeit unsuccessfully.

So, today he holds the glass politely, completely surprising us. He takes one sip, and the other. Voila! We have won, after all. Just when I am getting completely euphoric over this new development, Adit looks angry and suddenly starts hitting his tummy.

"What Adit? What is it?" My husband looks worried.

"It's my tummy Papa."

"Hurting? You alright?"

"Tummy is acting rather funny you see. I want it to drink all the milk and it wants to throw up. Not me Papa, it's my tummy. So I am punishing him you see."

Adit, and his excuses.


riti said...

Wow! He came up with that :)

Sunil Kumar said...

realy smart kid....:)

Manish Kumar said...

आजकल के बच्चों का दिमाग कितना तेज हो गया है, जल्द ही Root Cause Analysis पर पहुँच जाते हैं।

गिरिजेश राव said...

language like laminar flow.

गिरिजेश राव said...

I forgot to put ',' somewhere.
please put it in my comment.

Anu Singh Choudhary said...

Thank you all. Please watch this space for more on twin exploits. :)

Manoj K said...

मुझे तो दूध बहुत पसंद था पर मेरे बेटे को नहीं... क्या वोह स्वाद अब नहीं..