बुधवार, 7 सितंबर 2011

The 'Feminine Tosh'

I vehemently oppose when I am called a feminist. Because I am not. And there is no way I feel embarrassed about it. And do I believe in all that jazz about 'gender equality'? Oh no no. Please keep the two (or the three) genders separately. How can there be any sense of competition? And no, I would never want to compete with a man. No. Thank you very much.

Not even when my husband on the driving seat blurts out profanities for a woman driver on the road. 

"Do you realise I could also be subject to all these words that you are muttering under your breath," I sometimes object. 

"So what? The reality doesn't change if the woman-in-question-on-the-driving-seat is even my wife. The reality is that - women make bad drivers. Don't you?" 

I don't argue. Even though I never jump red lights, I never switch lanes insanely, I never ever go beyond 80 Kmph and I always give way to others. That's chivalry, or at least my understanding of it.

And I don't even mind if a certain VS Naipaul terms women's writings as 'feminine tosh', or a certain Vibhuti Narayan Rai expresses more or less similar views on women writing. I think they are just jealous... plain jealous of the fact that even with all their 'sentimentality' and 'a very narrow view on the world', women still write from their hearts. It is not easy to open up, not easy to communicate, and not easy to be honest either. 

A friend said that women's resilience is mostly termed as their weakness, and I completely agree. What's soft and beautiful inside me is my strength, and not my weakness. 

If I tolerate, if I still hang in there, it is not because I feel scared of being alone. It is because I worry myself to death over what will happen to the world if I am not around.

Because I AM the one who makes it humane, I am the one bringing in love to a family, and I am the one who is compassionate. You think it's a weakness? It really is your problem then.

And no, I am definitely not a feminist.  I would want to call rest of the world anti-feminist though.

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