शनिवार, 8 जनवरी 2011

डायरी के पुराने पन्नों से

Some silly ones :)

From my grave

There was lying my body, when I met my death,
An only piece of land, when I took my last breath.
It was my grave, where I was buried by you,
What remained behind where my good deed, far and few.

I was away from the world, as I was called dead.
Only my memories and my love, on this earth, remained.
The gulmohar and the some grasses growing by.
Only trace of life, and the days that had gone by.

I was alone there, sad and quiet, lying on the earth.
That ground below had become my sleeping berth.
No one came with me, I was alone in the end.
It was my grave, an only piece of land.

(14th April, 1995)

Wishes are  like that!

When your life canoe starts meandering
In the labyrinth of harsh, enormous world-ocean;
Then I would want you to know that
A simple push can make it canter
Surely, unfailingly towards your goal.
Life is like that!

When you seem to be trudging
On the roads full of thornes,
Then I would want you to believe that
Canopy of meadows will take its place one day
And journey towards your goal will be easier.
Odyssey is like that!

When you become melancholy and alone,
And there is no one to hold your hand,
Then I would want you to see and
Peep into your heart where there's a friend
Who is never too busy or settled to boost you up.
A friend is like that!

When all your feelings become inexplicable
And you would want some verbal expression for it,
Then I would want you to recall
Those unspoken, innocent deeds
To make each-other happy.
Passion is like that!

When the whole year is over,
And there stands a new year to be welcomed,
Then I would want you to be blessed
With peace and tranqulity and happiness
And overwhelming success in life's endevours.
Wishes are like that!