मंगलवार, 20 मार्च 2012

An open letter to the birthday boy

Hello birthday boy,

I rarely know how to begin writing a letter. It is often abstract, like everything else that I start in my life. This one is also going to be as random as it can get. I want to start with a conversation that we loved having as kids - you and I and G going back to Morwan as these high-flying super successful super achievers super humans. We were super focused even as kids as we got into role-plays - you as an entrepreneur, I as a writer and G as yet another globetrotting business man. We haven't done so badly, after all, and we are more or less on the track.

There could be another way of looking at what we have achieved till now, or what we haven't. That's the way I inherently see things as, with constant criticism and cynicism. I crib and cry, I curse and die. The inner realm of my thought process is cynical and negative. If I consciously make an effort of keeping that under control, it is because of you.

In the midst of this everyday hustle-bustle of life, you are the one who reminds me of those juvenile dreams. You are the one who reminds me of the strength lying within - even when life seems ordinary, dreams look unachievable and nothing seems to be working out, even when gloom engulfs the day and sun hides behind the clouds.

From where I am framing this letter in my head, I see a tree full of brightly blooming bougainvillea, and as the lenses of my eyes are busy capturing the images of red, yellow and magenta flowers, the gloomy day doesn't matter anymore. This is the symbol of beauty of life blossoming in its unique and varied forms. You are the one who has made me believe that it doesn't matter if the sun has hidden behind the clouds, because rain will not remain in the sky forever. So won't the sun. Moon will descend and grow. And times will change. Like that colorful patch of wild evergreen flowers, you, my brother, are the harbinger of hope for us.

You are the reason why I believe in accomplishing the impossible. Your unshakeable conviction makes me admire the small differences I bring to the world. You make me appreciate what we as individuals are, what we could be and what we should be.

While you carry this immense responsibility of spreading hope and belief, I have often wondered what your dark days are like. What happens when you don't find the mornings sunny and exhilarating(which you often don't)? Here is what I pray for, today and always. May your solid foundation of faith in yourself and others stay; may you overcome your personal challenges without even letting God know; may you be the champion of courage; may you grow and let others grow with you; may your presence be truly the greatest of all treasures. And the world will say one day when you pass by, "Kitna gazab aadmi hai!"

Stay what you are - a springboard for hope, dreams, growth and love.

Happy birthday, yet again!

(Angrezi mein likhna pada kyunki Hindi typewriter chal nahi raha. Saara typos aur grammatical errors ka doodh-bhaat maan liya jaaye. :D) Birthday present - one of my favourite songs, one of your favourite singers as Hridaynath Mangeshkar and Javed Akhtar's magic fills up the evening.

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