मंगलवार, 29 मार्च 2011

Dus bahaane...

1. I don't revolt. My stomach does.

2. Mamma doesn't have it. Papa doesn't have it. So why should Adit?

3. Let Adya have mine as well. She wants to grow her hair really fast. I should help her.

4. I don't like the colour. No. Blue is my favourite colour you see.

5. Too hot.
6. Too cold.

7. Superman doesn't have it. Spiderman doesn't have it. Doremon doesn't have it. Tom has it. And he is naughty.

8. I like clean houses. I don't like dirty, stinking houses. If I have it, I will throw up. I don't want my house to get dirty. 

9. Baby cries. Cow's baby. Give it to her. 

10. I don't like it. Simple. Why should I drink it? I don't make excuses.

All this and more, for that one cup of milk I want him to drink!

2 टिप्‍पणियां:

riti ने कहा…

Such an amazing list, but I cant even use one :D

Neeraj ने कहा…